It is our goal to operate effectively and continuously deliver all essential services while ensuring that staff and students are safe.

Gloryland Preschool follows the latest Federal, State, and Local guidelines and laws, and reserves the right to hold stricter guidelines than the state and county. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, and will continue to adjust to the changing needs and environment to ensure as safe of a school community as possible. Gloryland preschool has taken steps to reduce the risk and spread of COVID.

We follow DCFS guidelines for students and staff, which states, in pertinent part:

  • Do not attend school/work if you exhibit the following symptoms
  • Fever (100+) without other symptom
  • Fever (99+) with other symptom
  • Discharge (yellow or green) from nose, eyes, ears, sputum
  • Red eyes (signs of pink eye)
  • Untreated/excessive cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Muscle Ache
  • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

Everyone must be fever free as well as free of any symptoms for 24 hours without medication to return to our facility. We have protocols in place for all situations regarding COVID (exposure, probable, and confirmed cases). We will handle these situations with the help of the Lake County Health Department on a case by case basis.


To limit the amount of people in our facility at drop off, families (one adult and child/siblings) enter through the main church building doors to a hand sanitizer station and then find a socially distanced marker to stand by while waiting for a wellness check. 

The wellness station is where a staff person takes the temperature of the child and their caregiver.  It is also where the screening questions are answered.  If a temperature is more than 100.4 or if anyone is symptomatic of sickness, the child cannot attend school that day.

Children then go to the classroom assisted by their teacher where they will hang up their coats/backpacks, wash their hands and begin their day.

During snack and outside activities the children may remove their masks.

Frequently touched areas will be sanitized throughout the day.  The classroom bathroom will be wiped down midway through the day as well.

Additional disinfection practices have been added to what we typically do to keep our facility as clean as possible.  Professional cleaners come 2 times a week and the teachers clean daily.

The guidance provided to us as this point through DCFS suggests that we can only use items that can be cleaned daily.  Classrooms currently are not using dress up clothes, stuffed animals, or pillows. If changes come to us we will quickly shift to what we are allowed to do and will notify our families.  The teachers are doing a great job of finding alternative play ideas as well as encouraging large motor play throughout the licensed areas of our building.

Visitors will be restricted to authorized and unnecessary individual only for scheduled repairs, maintenance, or deliveries. All visitors entering the building must follow PPE, health monitoring and general health guidelines.

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