Monday/Wednesday/Friday Classroom

Requirements: 4 years old by September 1, 2021. Must be toilet trained per DCFS regulations.



Gloryland Preschool’s 4 year old program offers your child many opportunities to use their developing skills and to continue their social and educational explorations. Discoveries of our world will be guided by a weekly theme that will be used in combination with our Bible story to enrich your child’s educational experience. Teachers will also introduce a “Letter of Week” using the Sunform Learning System and a “Shape, Number and Color of the Month.” These concepts will be reinforced through a variety of educational tools including books, songs, games, art projects, writing exercises, and science experiments.

Four-year olds follow a daily schedule that includes a center time during which your child may be doing one or more of the following activities:

  • The dramatic play area which includes a kitchen with play food, cash register, a farm, a puppet theater, dress up clothes, and dolls.
  • The sensory table which contains a variety of material to stimulate through textures.
  • The small manipulative center which includes puzzles, board games, counting activities, magnets, small animals, matching games, small blocks, and alphabet games, and phonics activities.
  • The large motor center which includes big blocks, rocking boat, and balance beam, scooters, hoops, large bouncy balls, and parachute.
  • The art center which may have a selection of markers, crayons, chalk, glue, play dough, scissors, and easel paint.
  • The science center which includes a “tornado bottle,” magnifying glasses, scale, and magnets.
  • The writing center which includes notebooks, journals, pencils, pens, scissors, stickers, envelopes, and cards.

Our centers are carefully designed to continue the development of your child’s language skills, writing skills, mastery of numbers and the alphabet, small and large muscle coordination, and socialization skills. Our circle time will allow your child the opportunity to discuss issues related to our weekly theme. They will listen to stories, sing songs, discuss the weather and the calendar, and learn simple prayers.

Each child will complete a number of books that demonstrate their individual progress throughout the year. These books encompass the alphabet, shapes and numbers as well as the general activities of the year complete with pictures and work samples.

Both fours classes offer some activities unique to the teacher teaching the class and where their strengths take the class as well.

Our children are exposed to positive role models in the community through in house field trips. Each month your child will have a chapel experience with Lord of Glory’s Pastor Brian.

We are confident that our careful mixture of social and educational experiences will further your child’s development so that learning is fun!

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